2018 ACT Bowls Calendar











Resumes 24th Jan

Weekend Pennants


1st Nov 2017

29th Nov 2017

3rd Feb – Round 1

A.C.T Singles


17th Jan

14th Feb

4th/18th March

Final 25th March


Over 60’s Fours


11th April

16th May

5th/6th June

A.C.T Pairs


9th May

6th June

23rd/24th June

Final 30th June


A.C.T Triples


23rd May

20th June

7th/8th July

Final 14th July

Mid-Week Pennants


25th July

29th August

18th Sept - Round 1

A.C.T Fours


11th July

8th August

25th/26th August

Final 1st Sept

Doran Bowls


29th August

26th September

13th October



Twilight Entries

5th September

3rd October

17th Oct – Round 1


A.C.T Over 60’s Pairs


26th September

24th October

14th/15th November

A.C.T Mixed Pairs

26th September

24th October

10th/11th November Final 17th November


Rookie Singles


10th October

7th November

24th/25th November

2019 Weekend Pennants


31st October

28th November

Champion of Champion Singles

6th June

4th July

21st/22nd July

Champion of Champion Pairs

20th  June

18th July

4th/5th August

Champion of Champion Triples

5th September

3rd October

20th/21st October

Champion of Champion Fours


19th September

17th October

3rd/4th November

A.C.T v Newcastle



20th/21st Jan

A.C.T v N.S.W

ACT - venue TBA


22nd/23rd/24th Jan

Australian Sides



2nd – 6th May